How it works

It is quite simple, indeed.

First, contact us at and explain us what language you would like to learn and we will be in touch with you to evaluate your level and needs.

Then, you have to be sure that you use the newest version of Skype as lessons are conducted through this program. I strongly recommend to invest in a headset to maximize the sound quality.

Last, send an email to to schedule one or more lessons. Lessons can be scheduled on the same day if there is availabilities. Lesson can be cancelled without any fees up to one hour before the lesson time. After that, the lesson fees are due.
You can book a single lesson or lessons on a weekly routine to be sure that you make progress thanks to a regular learning.
The lessons can be booked as soon as your payment is received. Please, before starting your first lessons, just contact us and we will be in touch with you.

At the time and day of the lesson, the teacher will call you on your Skype account.
After the lesson, you will receive the lesson report with what was done during class. That way, you don’t need to worry about taking notes during the lesson, everything will be sent to you.

Lessons can also be physically organized if you live in Amsterdam!

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