About me


Bonjour! 您好!

My name is Angélique, I am French and I am a really optimistic, energetic person. I love traveling and for me, to speak another language is a door to a new world.

I have been teaching French since 2000 in different institutions, among them, the Alliance Française of Taipei, the French and Canadian embassies, companies, universities, private schools… I am also teaching private students at home or through Internet.

My passion for teaching my native language started when I was in Taiwan as a student exchange. At that time, I realized that learners in French seemed to have a hard time with this language. Using technics I have learnt during my drama training, I managed to make their learning interactive and most important, fun. The results were quite encouraging, especially because my students were happily improving their skills.
Later, I became a trainer for French teachers selected for the DELF and prepared students for this exam.

After 12 years in Taiwan, I am back to old Europe, in Austria. There, I teach French but also Chinese to anyone who wants to learn. I am sure we could achieve great things together!

My resume is available upon request.

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