Here some comments from some students who are currently taking lessons with me.

Amy W., Great-Britain

I have known Angélique for more than three years. After I finished one year exchange project in Belgium, I came back to Taiwan to finish my undergraduate degree; I was keen on maintaining my language ability but most language centres could not cater to my need: I had been taking literature courses in French and I was able to conduct daily conversation in French; therefore, I was looking for someone who could help me with both literature-related French as well as a more daily life language ability. Thus, I decided to have one-on-one course with Angélique. To learn any foreign languages, it is important that the teacher has not only native-level language proficiency but also teaching experiences; Angélique proves to have both. She knows what problems a foreigner may have in learning French; she is very familiar with the DELF exam and most of all she is willing to provide interesting and inspiring materials. I have enjoyed my French class with her greatly, as she is very passionate. After all, language is not about communication but also about a way of thinking.

Thanks to Angélique, I was able to improve my French and pursue further studies in related fields: I received an MA in Comparative Literature and am currently reading a DPhil in Modern Languages (French and English) in the UK. Even though I no longer stay in the same city as Angélique, we still maintain weekly course out of term time via Skype. I believe her teaching ability and devotion to students would be more than helpful for anyone keen on learning French.

Ya-Jung Hsie, Taiwan

跟Angélique 學法文已經好幾年了,她是一位很親切又很有耐心的老師,總是以有系統的方式在教學,所以學習有成效又很容易理解,遇到不明白的文法或詞句,她總是有耐心地解釋,常用很簡單的句子或說明解答,讓學法文又輕鬆又有趣,也不會有太大的壓力。上課多年,我們也因為課程成為好朋友,互相分享生活上的新鮮事,她也給予很多不同的想法跟見解,非常開心有一位這麼好的法文老師。

台北   謝雅蓉 12/12/2013

Luc V, Belgium

I’m taking courses with Angélique since more than a year now.
Since the start my French has improved a lot both in writing and understanding.
However what I’m most proud about is my pronunciation.  People give me positive remarks about the sound and my fluency.

Jo K. Australia

Angelique has been my French teacher for almost two years. She makes every lesson different and interesting.  Angelique has allowed me to set my own priorities for my learning, which has been important to me. Her teaching style is very holistic which means every lesson is interesting. Our conversations are focused on my experiences, so I learn vocabulary that is relevant to my life and my experiences. Angelique obviously does a lot of research for us to do that.  We laugh and have a lot of fun during our lessons.

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